Mr.Khalid Hamid CEO NICL, meeting with Neelam Jhelum Project officers

Mr.Khalid Hamid CEO NICL,meeting with Chairman Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan Pakistan Agriculture Reaearch Council, Islamabad

Mr.Khalid Hamid CEO NICL,meeting with the Federal Secretary Mr. Akbar Durrani , Ministry of Narcotics Control

Mr. Khalid Hamid ( CEO NICL) with Mr.Dhanpat Kotak (CEO NPPMCL) right side & Mr. Sajjad (CFO NPPMCL) left side

Mr. Khalid Hamid (CEO NICL) meeting with CEO of Punjab & Quaid-e-Azam Thermal and Mr. Suleman Shahid (Dy. CFO) right side

Mr.Khalid Hamid (CEO ) meeting with Lt.Gen.Muzamil Hussain (Chairman of WAPDA) and member Finance

Corona Virus Awareness Seminar in NIC Building, Islamabad

Senior officials of GHQ Col Atif and their team visited NICL Islamabad office and met Zonal Head Miss Roomana Kakar and Chief Manger khurram Irshad for the insurance of Helicopters to be engaged in UN peace mission at Mali

Representatives of ADB Mr.Sunny Tang along with their team visited NICL and met with Zonal Head Miss Roomana Kakar and Chief Manager Khurram Irshad and discussed insurance modalities regarding National Freight and Logistic policy.

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